Monday, January 19, 2009

Another day, Another drug

Recently the FDA approved a new drug that will be used to treat hypotrichosis.  This condition is not deadly, it's not going to cause pain, and it's not even a reason to see a doctor, until now.  Hypotrichosis is another word for having inadequate or not enough eye lashes.

Apparently, this is considered a medical problem and scientists even sought out a drug to improve this "condition."  LATISSE is the new drug that has been shown to increase the length, thickness, and darkness of eyelashes.  Originally, it was used to treat glaucoma and hypertension within the eye.  Now it has taken on a more cosmetic purpose.  In my opinion, drug companies should be focusing on real medical issues than natural imperfections on a person's body.  I'm sure millions of woman will flock to the doctor to get a prescription because it'll enhance their look.  I'll be curious to see how many men go to buy it.

However, I could see the drug being legitimate for patients who have undergone chemotherapy.  For those who are trying to grow their hair back I could see this drug really helping people to get back their eye lashes at all.

I don't really understand how the process works in deciding whether something is an actual medical issue.  I think that drug companies and the FDA need to distinguish between what's considered a natural imperfection on a person's body and a drug that will be used to improve health.  Apparently, drug companies have the funds to be able to create some of the most unnecessary "cures or treatment's" for people.  Meanwhile, a huge percent of Americans can't even afford health insurance, but that's a whole other issue.

Drug companies today in the U.S. kind of lead me to question their role in the big scheme of things.  It seems that many times new drugs are implemented just to make a giant profit and the actual patient is a second priority .  Unfortunately, it seems like patients are treated like consumers for these drugs but there's no room for "faulty" products when it comes to people's health.  Sometimes I think doctors and drug companies work together to sell a product to patients who come in.  I wouldn't be surprised if perhaps companies pay off doctors to sell their products to patients.  But than again, that could just be me thinking that things are a conspiracy when they actually might be legitimate.  In addition, there is always a hurry to get certain drugs out on the market before it's been tested thoroughly over a long period of time.  This shows us that the priority is not the affect the drug has on people but the priority is set on getting a product out there to sell for money.

It would be nice if drug companies could use more of their profits to concentrate on real medical issues like cancer or heart disease.  They know a lot of money comes from cosmetic consumers.  People will try and buy anything to look a certain way and often times drug companies will take advantage of that opportunity.  There are a lot of loopholes within our healthcare system.  The U.S. uses a supply and demand mentality for people's health when I feel that that should be left to other everyday products that are not used for health.  What's your health input? 


  1. If you are looking for something that really grows and thickens lashes I would recommend using Revitalash. My aunt went through chemo for breast cancer and this company was created for that reason. They also give back to the cancer fighting community... which means a lot to me, and it should to others too!!


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